Why FastCommerce

Why FastCommerce

Everything you need to run a business online on one single system

The easiest way to open an online business

Simply create an account with FastCommerce and you automatically generate a professional e-commerce website with fully integrated back office management tools. All the tools to start and then to manage an online business have been pre-integrated. There is no technical expertise required.

Free to use, Free to choose

There are no fees associated with setting up your on-line business with FastCommerce. It is free for the first fifty products. Sign up for additional features and services when you are ready.

Run all aspects of your business from one single system

No need for multiple software programs. No downloadable software. With FastCommerce you manage your business with an enterprise strength e-commerce platform. Whether you are just starting out, or an e-commerce veteran, you get the features and functions you need to successfully run your business online.

Grow your e-commerce business at a fixed price

There are no transaction fees, no hidden costs. Whether you are a start-up, or have millions of dollars in revenue, you control your costs. The very low costs means you get to focus on the success of your business. And you get a low-cost enterprise e-commerce technology that will power both your on-line sales and back-end operations.

Marketing your site

With FastCommerce, you have a search engine optimized website and product catalog. Plus, you get the tools you need to fine tune your search engine visibility. Included in your monthly charge, FastCommerce will automatically submit your product catalog to Google Products for free targeted traffic and sales.

Affordable, Automated, One Place for All Your On-line Needs

FastCommerce automates the initial hurdle of getting your business online. Based on Web 2.0 technology, it's low-cost, easy to set up, and easy to use. But it is also an enterprise class e-commerce technology that will let your run all aspects of your business online.